Esperando un cambio

“Celebrating the Eyes of Women’s Soul”

Ms. Monter gifts the viwers in this series of paintings, with a vivid reflection of the oppressed conditions of the oppressed conditions of many women worldwide. In their haunting eyes, the artist poignantly captures the muted sorrow of their bridled existence; as well as the fiercely tranquil essence of their emergence. With the strokes of her brush, Ms. Monter  has given an eloquent voice to the otherwise veiled and silenced women of the 21ST century.

On her canvases, the artist has choreographed a flawless dance of vibrant colors. Fiery opalescent oranges and warm soothing purples evoke the spirit of the indomitable feminine; who like a flower among the weeds, insists on blooming and exuding the sweet fragrance of new life.

Ms. Monter is a multi-faceted artist whose interests encompass painting, sculpture, mask making and the performing arts. She is deeply interested in myth and folklore, and has taught mask workshops at the American Museum of Natural History and the School of Visual Arts for more than ten years. Ms. Monter has always manifests a fascination with the intrinsic magic of mask making.

\'©Spirit of Love200238x24
\'©Sweet Fragance of new life200260x32
\'©Essence of Emerging200228x32½
\'©Haunting Eyes200230x22
\'©Muted Sorrow200296x64
\'©Bridled Existence|2002|48x36|
\'©Fiercely Tranquil50x35
\'©Veiled and Silenced200236x36
\'©Blooming Hope200236x24
\'©"Flower Among the Weeds"200238x28
\'©Transfer to the Future200216x20
\'©Magical Creation one200240x24
\'©Magical Creation200240x24