Energia y Luz

“Angels Blessings”

I would like to thank all of the people who graciously agreed to provide the soulful inspiration for my angel paintings. Everyone is a blessing in my life. And it was a beautiful experience for me to sit with each of these loving friends and capture their beautiful presence on the canvas. To all of my angelic muses. I give you my gratitude, my respect and my love. You have each helped me realize my dream of bringing the power of energies of love and peace into the world through my painting.

Maria de Pinket, Eileen O’Hare, Amber Polhemus, Karim Llaja, Melany Croniser, Merry Sander and Milou, Chip Marks and Keltie, Zena Cheza Oriolla and her daughter Miara, Jeffrey Sweeney, Jonathan Kruk, Lulu (cat), Willy (bird), Redwood (tree), and all the anonymous children and animals, this planet the moon, sun, stars and galaxies

Josephine Monter

\'©Kevin Murphy200724x11
\'©A Friends Prayer200322x32
\'©Meditate for Peace200328x34
\'©Send in Light200324x24
\'©Full of Grace200420x36
\'©What’s going on?200422x32
\'©Sphere of Light200434x24
\'©Imaging a Peaceful Earth200420x18
\'©Giving it all to you200430x34
\'©Guardians of a new world200456x26
\'©Eyes of Love200456x26
\'©Drumming the Dreams200344x24
\'©Touching the Light200420x18
\'©Where is my mouse200430x12
\'©Keeper of the Night200432x22
\'©Reaching for Change200440x11
\'©A vision of stars200320x30
\'©A waken to your Power200332x20
\'©The Gift200630x22